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Flat Fee Legal Document Preparation Services

At our firm, we streamline the process of legal documentation with our flat fee structure, ensuring clarity and predictability in costs. Here is how our services are structured:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • A preliminary consultation is provided at a fixed cost of $100. This session will be conducted by our knowledgeable staff members, not directly with the attorney. To book your consultation, please call us at 916-413-7178
  2. Flat Fee Per Document:
    • Unlike traditional hourly billing, our services are charged per document. This flat fee approach allows for better budget management and transparency throughout the legal process.
  3. Document Preparation and Review:
    • Following the consultation, our team will prepare the necessary documents tailored to your case’s requirements. Each document is meticulously revised by Attorney Garcia to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal standards before filing.
  4. Multiple Documents:
    • Depending on the complexity of your case, multiple documents may be necessary. The exact requirements and associated costs will be clearly outlined during your initial consultation, so there are no surprises.

Our approach not only simplifies the legal process but also ensures that you receive professional, thorough, and cost-effective legal services. For more information or to book your initial consultation, please contact us at 916-413-7178