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A Better Future Legal Services

Monserrat Garcia, Esq.

Juris Doctor; Concentration in Trial & Appellate Advocacy –

             University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

             – Sacramento, California

Bachelor of Arts; English and Sociology –

             University of California, Davis

             – Davis, California

BILINGUAL in English and Spanish
• Women Lawyers of Sacramento
• Cruz Reynoso Bar Association
• Sacramento County Bar Association

Monserrat is a Sacramento, California native. However, her parents immigrated from Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico in the 1980’s in search of a better future. Through their perseverance, hard work, sacrifices, and guidance, Monserrat became inspired to continue their legacy—through law.

Today, Monserrat has continued this legacy through offering legal services to those in need. Monserrat aspired to become an attorney after she discovered her passion for reading, writing, helping others, and oral advocacy. As a person with a humble beginning, she understands the need for bilingual legal services from reliable people.

“That’s why at A Better Future Legal Services we care about our clients and fight for your rights. We understand that knowing how to choose the legal services right for you can be stressful and might be a new experience. That’s why we take the time to hear your story and offer genuine advice to best help you resolve your matters. We care about you and want to help you work towards your own better future.”

majoring in Sociology

Legal Assistant

Grecia Hernandez

Legal Assistant
Social work and domestic violence & sexual assault counseling

Hi, I am Monserrat’s Legal Assistant. My name is Grecia Hernandez. Prior to working in the legal field, I have an extensive background in social work and domestic violence & sexual assault counseling which I enjoyed greatly and the love and appreciation from my clients was most definitely mutual. Being an empath coupled with my mother’s teachings to be of service has subconsciously guided me towards career paths where helping others is the focal point. I enjoy being a part of A Bettter Future Legal Services and knowing that my daily efforts help make someone’s life a bit easier by lightening the load brought on by legal situations. Navigating the court system can be daunting and scary which is why we treat every client like family. It gives me great satisfaction to know our collective work makes a positive impact in someone’s life during trying times.

Outside of work, I enjoy road tripping and trying out random foods. I run a cottage bakery called Little Puzzle Pieces Bakery, alongside my youngest son, with a focus on Autism awareness. Immersing myself into a good book coupled with a fresh cup of coffee is my idea of heaven. I am in a mutually exclusive relationship with serial killer documentaries & love collecting mermaid curios! I hope to some day travel to Italy, London, Rome, Asia and all of the Caribbean.”


Legal Assistant

Bachelor of Arts; History and minor in Philosophy –

             University of California, Davis

             – Davis, California

Vijay is a legal assistant for Monserrat. Through his research and study of U.S. history, he has developed a thorough understanding of the policies and practices that have made the legal system we have today and how it affects us as a society. He now exercises great attention to detail and care in managing client case files and providing legal support in order to ensure nothing but the best for our clients. He is also currently learning Spanish as a second language and studying for law school applications.

Prior to his work in the legal field, Vijay has spent much of his time outside of work dedicated to research and community organizing. Through his experiences, he has found that growth and development in society are dependent on access to opportunity, healthcare, and the legal system. He is proud to have brought his skills to A Better Future Legal Services to provide access to the legal system for all.

Legal Assistant